Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Big City!

Dropped off the machine and it might take two weeks, more or less. I've been taking it in for service once a year, because it gets hard use every day. I think about my own body and how it has taken so much pounding and hard use. I tend not to consider taking it in for service.

After leaving the store, I drove further SE to Palmdale and went shopping for fabric at JoAnn's. I realize that this pic of fabric is laid out and almost looks like the other layout from yesterday. Well, that's one way I use my ever-standing ironing board. The darn thing has metal parts and squeaks so much putting it up or down. You would think I could oil it, but NO-O-O-o-o-o. I leave it up against the closet doors and use it for a cutting board, where I pin fabrics, and of course press them. It is a multi-tasker tool. As long as it doesn't get taken down and set up often, it just is.

And I think of my body. I've never been one for getting pedis or manicures. At best, a hair cut.

I left my list at home, and did remember two things on it that I did not buy for a couple of reasons. List-making works for me, even when left behind. Once something is written down, my mind remembers.

Additionally, there were two 5-yard pieces for backing the scrappy quilts that go to a couple of my Great-Nephews. Some of the fabric in both quilts are colors that are no longer manufactured, and so to match everything, it means taking the entire quilt top into the store, spilling it out and seeing what really coordinates. Many of my projects are ready for basting and then, machine quilting. 

The smaller pieces in the pic went right into my Winter Solstice projects drawer for next month, and on the far left, the last little brown with ...oh, those are bear paws not dog paws...ooops. 

Well, it will be a pet bed and is put in the bottom of the box with the ones in process. It's nearing the end of February and one pet bed bag is almost filled! I won't wait for the holidays and will ship it off to the lucky Diamond-dog as soon as it is completed.