Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Seasonal Items

I am hosting a swap on swapbot with a theme for Southern Hemisphere seasonal celebrations. The group owner sent out a request for someone to step up and do it, so I did. Because they are six months out from us, and the March Equinox is their Fall. Realize that half the globe faces the Sun for a different view. Simple science. If we exist on a globe, we cannot all see the Sun and experience its warmth the same way. March Equinox brings Spring to the Northern Hemi, and Autumn or Fall is experienced in the Southern Hemi.

I decided to make a small table runner (12x28) for the swap that can be used in a number of ways, and found this cute & fast pattern. It takes 21 - 5" charms. I sorted through what I had, and came up with a nice variety that have a more Autumn feel from my perspective. Wonderful to use my stash. As I did the machine quilting grid over it, I was struck how much a wine color is in the squares I selected, and that blue. Placement was somewhat random and the more I tried to re-arrange that, the more it just needed to happen without a plan. Here's the link ~~ ~~ I put a simple wheat print on the back, which is also something we harvest in the Northern Hemisphere at fall. 

At first I was going to buy fabric for binding and went into another shoebox container for 2.5" strips and found a dark beige with green circles that was not one of the charms, yet does go with the center piece. And done is done.

Because this is really a seasonal holiday, making the simple runner felt more like a sacred act and that the cloth was suited for a daily altar. I could see a clear glass vase of fall leaves sitting on it, or a big golden candle. Once again, my work took on a prayerful attitude and intention.

I know that I am always so surprised when I open a package from someone and feel a connection to a person from some other country or state in the US. Its delightful, healing.

Another thing I know is that what I make can be simple, can be quick, can use up stash. Sometimes I get caught up in thinking what I make is not enough. Yet it is! It is my best in the moment and made with my good intention. How much better can it get?