Monday, February 16, 2015

2-Fer Sunday & Now its Monday

My time was off all day, so I posted twice for Sunday, meaning to have that second post go live on Monday morning. Like a few other bloggers I know, I write my post the night before I want it to go live, do some edits and then publish it any time after midnight. Some of my friends, who tell me they read my blog, are up earlier than I am because of the time differences. Its not the first time I published early and won't be the last time.

Its unrealistic of me to keep such high expectations that everything I do will be spot on. That's just a set up for disappointment, discomfort and pain.

I've found myself struggling with the 6" blocks. Either my seams are slightly off or the colors I selected do not work for the size. They always require a backup plan. I start working on them as soon as partners are assigned so I can get them finished and in the mail on time. I usually will cut four blocks (swap requires us to send two) and hope that I can learn from my challenges. This time, the first two have turned out, yet I will most likely make up the other two because they will not fit in any of my plans. Its a cute novelty fabric.

The struggles I have with them are why I created my Wonky Block Box. They can have a fresh outlook on a quilt when they have a purpose. These can go to my swap partner and she can elect to use all four or just two. 

The Animal Spirit Guide Swap for the March Equinox partner I have likes pink. My plan is to make up a small fabric box (Yes, I love them) and see which of the Spring Animals shows up more on the box. There are Frogs, Dragonflies, Squirrels, Owls, and Songbirds to chose from. It will be a perfect use for the leftover fabric.

My expectations for myself are never going to be low. I think I will push myself into the after-life!