Saturday, February 7, 2015

PP Challenge

I think I let the project sit too long. One good thing is that I cut out the copies and matched them with the next batiks for the colored cats before setting it aside. I did that today too, though plan to return to it tomorrow.

What I forgot is the PP system which requires that I think upside down and backwards. The black is a tone on tone and must be facing the right way. Rather, it must be the backside of the fabric to the backside of the pattern. Then the next piece also has to have enough to it so when it opens wrong side to the wrong side of the pattern, there will be enough of it to cut to fit.

I know, I know, practice, practice, practice.

The quality of the batiks is high enough that if I do have the wrong side out, some pieces are so small that you could not tell anyway. I spent more time correcting my sewing mistakes than I wanted, and wondered why I couldn't learn by these mistakes? Black gets scrapped more than the batiks and I am so glad I got twice what I needed.

Some months ago, I participated in a 6.5" square swap for Halloween fabrics. Rather than get too frustrated with the PP, I pulled these squares out, trimmed them to 6" and then started cutting them the way they were cut for the Autumn table runner, using 3x6, and 3x3 pieces. They just need squaring up and joining. If the Southern Hemisphere swap goes, the next one is May 1 where they celebrate Halloween. I made it just a little longer using using 24 different fabrics.

I am really surprised how quickly that pet bed form is filling up. I will most likely spill out the contents and make sure none of the pieces is too big before closing it up. 

What surprises me even more is this issue of not learning from my mistakes. Usually we learn our lessons just because we don't want to pay the price of getting them wrong. I thought about the cost of it all, not so much the fabric costs, but the costs of my time and energy.

My current solution is to take it out again this afternoon, and again tomorrow, while it is relatively fresh in my mind. I really think that setting it aside for as long as I did was a mistake. Another thing I might have done was to watch the videos on it again and then start up with it. I think I trusted my memory a bit too much, which goes to show memory fades.