Thursday, February 19, 2015

Row 12 - Hooray!

Sigh. Sometimes I think there is a huge reward when I do something hard. And how the heck can finishing part of a quilt be so hard? With this particular quilt pattern, each row has a specific color with the black. And rows are on a diagonal. Its almost like stopping without finishing each row would be risky because its system, a process.

Sure, I have numbered pattern pieces with the row numbers, and alpha-ed the individual parts with the color names. 

However, its confusing enough for me while I am doing it, and I just do not feel comfortable stopping in the middle of a row and knowing what comes next. I removed the thread and bobbins, putting them in the box with the other pieces, patterns and fabrics.

I cut the patterns for Row 13 and started cutting & pinning the shapes to work for the first and second pieces.

As I look at the sidebar for my "To-Do" list and see numerous projects that are huge, time consuming, I could not pick one of them up to work on. They are repetitive work, and I need something that is more one of a kind for now. I will throw my energy into positive re-direction rather than to feed my frustration regarding the repetition that works against my creative nature.

Luckily, I have a number of swaps going that are quick and done. On top of my list is the Halloween Tombstone pillow, and I've given it a great start. Now, it will wait for the finishing touches until after the swap partners are assigned. I want it to be something of a Halloween decoration that can be set out on a chair, sofa or bed. I have two partial bags of poly stuffing that will serve as filling for this one and perhaps one or two more.

I set in place two days a month to work on non-quilting projects, and so its coming up soon. One is paper crafting, and one is Winter Solstice gifts. I can see the need for list-making for the paper crafting day so that I am ready rather than to try and remember what it is I wanted to do with it. Look for another list on my sidebar here.