Monday, February 23, 2015

Winter Solstice in February

While the weather shifted again, and its been raining all day which could turn to snow tomorrow, it was a little easier to get into the swing of making end of the year gifts. I took out all the patterns and fabrics that I plan to make for Winter Solstice 2015, sorting them with their patterns and then bagging the projects so they would be easy to pull out. Contents in my drawers are a bit more accessible.

Although I buy excellent quality fabrics, those reds, blues and purples are subject to bleeding, so into the washer they went with like colors. I discovered that the only thing started last month was one of those Double Hand Oven Mitts. However, without a sewing machine for a few weeks, its all prep work for now. There is a lot of it to do.

It was almost difficult to put away the paper craft project yesterday because there was more work that I could have done with the US cancelled stamps. My 3-ring binders with all the patterns in them fall into the paper project category, and so will need attention some time in the future. 

One of the issues I had, yet again, was not remembering what I wanted to do for this one day even with the sidebar To-Do list.  Sorting is a good way to start even though it doesn't result in a finished project. I pulled patterns out for the fabrics.

The majority of my Grandgrrls are teens, so I have similar ideas for all their gifts, even though they will each be unique. The grrrrlie-grrrls are all in love with the color pink, and its not one I would chose for a focus. Because the machine service shop is in Lancaster, I'll make a trip into Palmdale to buy some pinks, and some backing fabric for two other quilt projects. 

Its becoming an interesting process to take time out of the quilt-making and focus elsewhere for a couple of days each month. If anything, I see how not having that crunch at the end of the year will be a lot less stressful.