Sunday, February 15, 2015

To Do List

I thought about this next week. What I am able to do in the world emanates from who I am, not what I wish I was. I can only do what only I can do.

All the work outside goes slower than it did when I was five years younger. I plan more, and portion out the work.

I have several quilting projects out on my workstation. My new partner for the 6" block swap wants a Spool block with pink and a cream background suitable for her 1-yr-old Great-granddaughter. I bought this very darling pink with sweet little animals on it. Not sure about the cream part, and may try to find something just a little lighter. These pieces suddenly look beige.

I am still working on the machine quilting for Sophia's Summer quilt. My goal is to finish all those lines and add the binding. At that point, it becomes a good project to hold for that 2-3 weeks my machine is in the shop for servicing.

And of course, there is row 12 on the Cat Paper Piecing project. That row is another with 11 blocks to it, so takes several days to complete. This particular batik has a nice marbled look to it, and I do want to make sure that comes through on the blocks.

A fun project takes me into embroidery. I joined a Halloween swap that makes a Tombstone Pillow. This is such an exciting project, because who would ever think of having a 12 x 10 Tombstone Pillow as a decoration? I pulled out gray fabrics and embroidery threads, and want to give it a go. One for the swap and at least two for my family. I still have pillow stuffing and these are just too sweet!

Of course, there are other projects to work on this week. I am taking Jacob's Bears in Birch Trees quilt into the clubhouse for basting on Tuesday, and have so much more piecing on the stars for the Constellations quilt.

When I think of what I am 'able' to do, I have to consider the emotional energy that goes into my projects. The swaps are easier and are quite the learning component. While there is a relationship I feel towards my partners, the time of the relationship is short-lived. It takes much more energy to work on projects dedicated to family and friends.

The question rises then, of me asking myself who am I now. Is the woman I am at this stage of life able? Able-bodied, able-engaged, able-minded, able-hearted? Able.

There is no such thing as leaping tall buildings with a single bound. No such thing as running, jumping and leaping like a super secret agent. No more fighting battles at City Hall to save Frog Habitats. My long list of those kinds of wishes are pleasant memories that are ok to release. Once having been a "wonder woman", I think you always are. The movies or series that show the aging superheroes are seen as a joke rather than honoring the changes. Those of us moving into a new stage of being are looking more at our realities and working with what we have.