Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Telling Time

The Cat PP project is still progressing. I cut more pattern pieces for the blocks for the next batik color, and then set it aside for tomorrow. I want to say it is going easier, however, I am not going to be so arrogant as to think I have the system down enough for that kind of confidence. Not just yet. I am still learning and there are many lessons to this.

As I work on the Constellations quilt, it makes me smile that there are 50 star blocks and 49 hourglass blocks contained in it. Its taking me longer to create than I would have guessed. I named it Constellations because of the dark blue fabric I bought for it that has glow-in-the-dark stars. I had no idea how profound meanings in the quilt would become by combining these aspects of the fabric with the stars and hourglass blocks. I also had no idea how much time it was going to take to piece the top. 

Its a scrappy quilt, with the exception of the dark blue fabric, and if anyone ever says scrappy quilts are easier because you have stash in your closets, you would be misinformed. Its important to match colors and values, and then also attempt to keep each piece as unique from the others as possible. The goal is to create a quilt that looks good and isn't a bunch of scraps tossed together. Experience has shown me that once the blocks are created, the next step is in layout, again, ensuring that there are differences throughout.

Now, that the hourglass blocks are completed, the next step is to make flying geese pieces, surrounding the 4-patches, for the 50 star blocks by pinning them together. Of course, they would be ready for piecing.

Every such pic seems to be just a pile of scraps, and seriously, that is what they are until time and attention put them together in a new way. I've heard many a person say how silly it seems to cut perfectly good fabric apart only to piece it back together. However, by the time I get most of these fabrics, they are cut and only the bits are left.

Reminds me of how it feels to jump out of a perfectly good plane. It is EXHILARATING, life-enhancing, adventurous.