Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Not Again!

I really hate pain. Whoever said it is good for us and that we not someone I want to hang with. 

The rotary jumped from the side of the ruler, slid across the clear plastic. I would have had another slice of skin & tissue, except that I have a scar built up from the last time. Thing is, it bruised under the scar and it hurts. Arnica.

I got another batik color cut for the next row on the Cat paper piecing project. Its just the first two pieces of each square because the next step is to stitch them through the paper. Its getting really close to completion for this step.

My attention turned to  Isabella's quilt. Oh sure, I highlighted what was done earlier, and crossed off some other steps that I didn't want to use. What WAS I thinking? Without next step instructions, it took me counting and laying things out, counting again and seeing what I had in mind. I am altering the original pattern based on what fabric scraps I had on hand. After figuring that out AGAIN, it was a matter of making new choices that might have been the same choices as before, but were new to me this time. The original pattern is actually creative, but not what I want do. I am going for a somewhat regular 9-patch with this and it will look just fine.

Unfortunately, I must have done the highlight process on others, thinking it would be enough, because the same thing is going on with Grace's Spring quilt. Maybe this is a more common practice; that some of us think we will remember with just a few notes. I am much aware that I need to make much clearer notes to self and that keeping it simple doesn't work for everything I do.

Back to the pain. Dang. That little non-cut-only-a-bruise hurts.

My next project was to press the blocks, and pin rows on another quilt meant to be a PayItForward. Its all folded waiting for the machine now. Note to self? Just one saying who the quilt is for and that the first seams between two rows is next. The note also says that those seams get pressed and the rows get laid out again, just to make sure that the colors and fabric patterns will coordinate. And then, pin, stitch, press and do it again. The time to rip is early.

I've laid out the next quilt projects and plan to take each of them as far as I can without the machine.