Friday, December 12, 2014

First Border

The plan with this pattern is to use the same fabric as the blocks as the second border. I don't like how that looks. However, I do like the fabric I selected for the first border. Its a lighter teal than the background and is seen in the blocks. This isn't the way I have made quilts in the past, going back to the store after each border, but it is the way I am doing this one. Luckily, the entire town is only 2 miles long, so it isn't a hardship to shop several days in a row.

The kaleidoscopes are so interesting that adding the very detailed fabric again on the outsides takes the focus away from the inside. I tried calculating the pattern return on the fabric, with what I wanted for the four borders and could not make it work to my satisfaction. Its a very odd size right now at 88" by 47", which means the side borders should have at least another 20" added to them while not adding much to the top and bottom.

So I pulled away the fabric and just looked at it with only the first border. Its clean looking to me. I think what I want to try is more of the tone-on-tone fabrics with that same color value but not the pattern. What fabric I have won't go to waste and was leftover from making the blocks work. Some of it will serve as the binding and the the rest will find some usage elsewhere.

It rained hard here last night and the power went out. It has been so needed and is welcome.