Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Goldilocks-kinda Day

I worked on 6" blocks for my December swap. My partner requested the easy-breezy Friendship Star Block in any color combination, so you would think that making these little Baby Bears would be a snap.

Yet here I am after 5 attempts with blocks that are too big, like the Poppa Bear, finishing at 1/4" larger than the requirements.

And blocks that are not spinning quite right with one point refusing to match, like a Momma Bear on Christmas who expects more company at her table and feels the stress of it all. 

I've set the project aside for now because I need to get cookies baked to take as my contribution to a holiday meal that I am invited to attend.

I am following the pattern from an online source that has it in both the 12" and 6" sizes. What this pattern doesn't say, is what they mean by the 1/4" seam allowance. Some patterns want you to do a scant allowance, which is moving your needle one thread over from the true line, and others just assume you will do the true quarter-inch allowance. This has been a trial and error for me following this pattern, and it is obvious NOW that they mean the true seam allowance.

The top two blocks will go into my orphan bag, to be used on a back in another project, and the second two that are in an off course spin will go to the "Wonky" box. Some of those wonkies are going to seem just fine to the casual glance. But I know. I will know and I will see. OMGoddess, I sound like Santa Claus! 

Sometimes checking everything twice is a good thing.