Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday Golf quilt

I took out another quilt I started earlier this year and plan to give to one of my Great-Nephews for Winter Solstice 2015. My unwise self did not leave a note, however, my skilled quilting self figured it out anyway.

Thing is, the time factor spent figuring out the next step is why I want to leave notes to self! This is a quilt pattern I modified to include a square panel of a couple of golfers. Its another scrappy quilt, plus that icy winter blue fabric as an accent. Most of the fabric came from a friend's estate.

Interestingly, I really scrapped the back blocks using any piece that coordinated with the color theme, joining them any which way. AND I put a sashing on one side. Rather than call them 'wonky', they are more 'freestyle'.

What was I thinking? Can I remember what I was thinking so many months ago?

I brought the blocks to my cutting mat and trimmed them all the same size so that they fit. They are pinned six to a row. I found 2.5" strips of coordinating fabric too, and wondered, "what was I thinking? Can I remember?" It seems to me from looking at it, that it will make a perfect binding. However, with this, its one step at a time. Because they are trimmed to a 12x13.5" size, I know that an additional border will need to go on at least one side to square them up to match the top. Hopefully, that will be easy-breezy.