Thursday, December 11, 2014

Got a lot done

While it was interesting for me that I had no computer access, I did get a lot done. First on my list was to finish joining the blocks and setting triangles to the Kaledescope quilt. Its amazing how I let go of laying the blocks out, and went for the true random effort. I will take it in to the fabric store this morning and buy material for the first border and talk to her about the other borders and back. I may end up making several trips in to get it done the way I want.

My project list showed Grace's Spring quilt next. She is the eldest Daughter of my Niece who passed after a battle with leukemia. She has a Spring birthday, and her Sisters have either a Summer or Autumn birthday, so I am making their quilts to reflect the seasons of their births. Her quilt was in that clear plastic shoe-box size container so I thought there would be a lot of work to it.

However, much to my surprise, the pinwheel blocks were joined with sashing and cornerstones. The next step to them was to press and pin together two rows, which I did. I can take it to finishing the center for the top and then will need to purchase border, binding and back fabric. This was another scrappy quilt in pinks and yellows and is so very cute.

While my original thought was to give them quilts on their birthdays, I changed my mind about that. Gracie is 12 and the others younger, so kids don't always get the concept that they will get one too on their birthday. They have suffered enough loss for several lifetimes and do not need any more disappointment whether its intentional or not. I decided that I would finish them and send them in one box.

The others are named Summer and Autumn. Summer is ready for quilting and Autumn is ready for piecing. I am not in any hurry to finish Grace's now that its not going out for her birthday.  However, it was really a fun discovery!