Sunday, December 14, 2014

Measure of Success

Someone once said that the measure of our success is in how we overcome the obstacles in front of us.

The odd size borders that I made work on the Kaleidoscope quilt. It is still quite long, and is actually wonderful laid across my queen size bed. Its wider now that the borders are on, and that was my goal. I need to measure it so I can purchase the back fabric, but many stores in town are closed Sunday and Monday.
The larger side borders work both to extend them and show it as visually appealing. It is hard to really see in this pic, however it does show the larger side and the shorter top of that second border; once the back is taped to the tables in my clubhouse for basting, and this piece is laid over it, it will show off the work better. The final or third border was cut at 3.5" all around and is the same as the background fabric in the center. I am quite excited for how it looks as well as the functional possibilities it has.

I cannot help but think about how I set my own borders or boundaries. And of course, some are not as wide as others, but it is how I surround myself with emotional protection. After doing this quilt, I realize that my personal borders define who I am and actually either make me look odd or enhance my beingness. It is really an interesting theory.