Monday, December 15, 2014


Some people lift our hearts in special ways, like my older Son. Maybe its his tenderness, his sense of humor, his way with children and strangers and elders. He just changes the world with every step he takes. Some could say its just a Mother's pride, however, this is how everyone sees him. He simply lights up the room when he enters.

I've started his birthday quilt. The pattern comes from Fons & Porter's Scrap Quilts magazine and is a quilt by Liz Porter she calls Match-A-Patch Stars. I have renamed it Constellations. While it is fat quarter friendly, it is giving me an opportunity to use up scraps I have cut just for this purpose. I've learned over time that the more variety there is in the scrapping, the more interesting the quilt is, and the less blocks have to match. This pic represents almost all the dark pieces, with 10 more pairs to go. The two stacks in front need to be cut in half diagonally yet. The next step is cutting the lights in about the same amount so they are matched in 4-patches and stars. There is a dark blue background that will also be partnered with lights for what is called an hour-glass block.

His birthday isn't until mid-October (yes, typical Libra), yet, I want to get the quilt finished and ready well in advance. I don't think any of the projects have time deadlines, yet, it is good for me to keep moving on them.

I selected this pattern for him because of the balance of lights and darks in the fabric, something a Libra loves to see. I get this theory as I create this quilt, because of my Libra Son, because of the balance and reflection of lights against the darks.

Our healthy relationships have a positive effect on our self-esteem because the people we surround ourselves with mirror back most of what we appreciate in ourselves, though we rarely acknowledge that part. These people, our close friends and family, reflect our depth and the best of who we are as joyful and loving people.