Friday, December 5, 2014

To Blog or To Quilt; That is my Question

I went onto the title page here to make some corrections, and accidentally deleted the top bar that gave information about me, about my swaps and tips I had collected. It was a surprise for me to see it suddenly gone. There was no seam ripper to make a correction on the blog like there is on a block or quilt. 

When a person hits the delete key, gone is gone.

I spent time trying to fix it for awhile, and then wondered what I was doing and why I was spending precious moments with it when it really doesn't matter. This blog was created to make a record of my quilting progress, as well as a record for my spiritual journey. Its not meant to generate large numbers of readers, and in fact, I haven't checked the stats on it for months.

A few people use the private email function to make comments and some of my closer friends and family members email me privately any way. I honestly don't expect folks to read this daily the way I expect me to keep my commitment to writing on it daily.

All my gift-making and gift-buying for this season is completed. There are a couple of Quilt Block swaps left to finish. It took a couple of days to wrap everything and get things ready for shipping. A few boxes and some cards go out each day just to keep me from holding up the line at the PO.

I am really committed to a few things for 2015: One is to finish quilts listed on the side bar; the second thing is to write here daily; and the third thing is to make small projects each month so they are ready for the next Winter Solstice.

My goals are pretty simple compared to what they have been in my lifetime. I've learned to settle down and settle in. 

Another thing I did was to 'unfriend' some folks on my Facebook page. Most of them were friends of friends of friends and people I have never met, never will meet and have nothing in common with. I kept family members even if they had those same qualities. Family is different. We share a history in ways that often do not need explanation or reason. I am enjoying those relationships immensely. 

Therefore, I plan to get back to quilting later this morning, starting with the Kaleidoscope quilt. It needs a gentle pressing and I need to read the pattern and see where I left off. This may be one I hand quilt, so I really need to get on with it, finish the top, add batting so it can be basted and do it. It will require almost full attention for the hand quilting.

I've gone through all my quilting magazines, narrowing down patterns I might like for a quilt I plan to create for my Daughter-In-Law for her birthday in November. They can either get tossed or put back on the shelf. The tossers are just that. I am not interested, never plan to work with any of the patterns and don't need them taking up space on my shelves.