Monday, December 29, 2014

Hand Quilting

Yesterday, Sunday, I spent a good deal of my day heating up the house by oven roasting veggies, making Kale chips, soup, running hot water for dishes and laundry, burning candles and moving the two space heaters around to generate heat. Sun came through the Eastern windows so it was really nice in the house. Then the sun went down and temps began to drop. Its 28 right now and my body is already chilled after a good night's sleep feeling warm under the quilts.

With the heat in my office-studio, I was able to relax a bit and take on my usual positive attitude for life and for quilting. I cut more material for those 6" Friendship Star blocks, so they are ready to piece, watched another tutorial on paper piecing, which propelled me along on that quilt planning.

And then I pulled out the Kaleidoscope project and hand quilted two of the center blocks, and have moved my quilting hoop onto the third of them. I have less than a month to finish that project so it is shipped out on time for Jer's birthday on 2/2. 

A little heat provided me with enough for my needs to rise above simple survival many rungs above it to possibly the needs for Belonginess & Love, past Esteem, and into Cognitive Needs. I wonder if it is easier to climb this 'ladder' because I operate on it at a higher level most of the time? Thing is, that earlier human needs remain present throughout life. 

As I look at it, it is interesting to me to consider how the movie videos I watched played a part in my recovery. I put my container of holiday-feel good movies away, found a site called that had different movies to watch other than what has been on Hulu. As I review them in my mind, I realize the over-riding theme of them was about survival, safety, and esteem. I wonder and might guess, that at least for me, their themes gave me a boost up.

Other graphs, such as this one, dealing with Maslow's Hierarchy, expand on the initial rungs he created, and talk about finding energy, freedom, effectiveness, community, uniqueness, diversity and go further into creative leadership, and stages of peace and personal power. Still yet, other folks see our human development as physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual, and that fits too.

Which brings me back to my quilting and to the purpose of this record my spiritual progress using quilting as the learning forum. I am a spiritual being and everything I do and experience has spiritual lessons for me.

The house re-warming has begun again, and I will make calls to get this furnace control fixed. While I understand that it is another holiday week & scheduling me in may not work for them, I am going to speak assertively to get my needs met, if even all that happens is that I say what they are. 

I'd like to believe all the lessons from this issue have come up and are being dealt with. And as soon as the office-studio gets warmer, I can work in it again.