Monday, December 8, 2014


I have pieced as far as possible with the cuts I have. For me to spend time trying to figure out what I need to do next would take me all day. I've decided to go back to the instructor, bring what I have and let her see what I am to do next. Its been several months since we were on the retreat, and hopefully the original bolts will be there if more fabric is needed. There is a small first border framing this middle piece after it is fully joined. I wanted to bring it in when it is at that stage, and lay fabrics against it to see what works and what to bring out from the Kalidescopes. I haven't purchased it yet. 

I did a quick layout for this twin size quilt on my floor this morning, and know the setting triangles and corner triangles are cut. As I figured, I am missing six small triangle pieces for two lower blocks. I looked for them and cannot imagine why they weren't all cut at the same time. There is 22" WOF of the teal, yet I am not sure if it was dedicated to a border. Why this became such a mystery, I do not know. I've looked in the two bins set aside for 2015 projects and there is no extra teal fabric to be found.

I am going to wait before cutting into it. At other times in my life, I would have just pushed forward and let the chips fall where they may. Not with this quilt. It so lovely even unfinished that I do not want to take the chance of it being short of the plan. In this case, I am most willing to follow directions.

Most small businesses are closed on Mondays here in town, including both fabric shops, so I am waiting until Tuesday to go in and ask my questions. Claudia, at 5 Heart Quilts is an excellent teacher, who honestly cares that her students are happy with the quilts they make. Like most business owners, she struggles to make a living selling her merchandise. But at the core of who she is, there is the heart.

I've gotten into the mode of quilting for 2015, and brought out Bears in the Birch Trees.  And just as I figured, some of these quilts are going to be new puzzles for me to solve. The first thing that will happen for each one (that has laid in waiting) is to get it pressed.  Then, if I left notes-to-self, just pick up where I left off. If there are no notes, then I sit and wait with it. This waiting will be a perfect time to remember what energy was going into it. Perfect time to calm myself, regain my center, and remember that I am renewed by the process and able to engage my younger self.

BBT needs borders. Its a square center, and while a lot of quilts work this way, I want to use a technique that extends the top and bottom so that it is rectangular when finished. I left myself a note with measurements for the borders and do have enough fabric for them. Pressing. Waiting.