Friday, November 7, 2014

Finish Something Friday

Today its going to be that scrappy bucket. I made it larger than the one in the tutorial. What WAS I thinking?

The outside collapsed because the batting was not enough to hold it up. The tut didn't use anything for the lining, however, I found this odd piece (from Lee's estate) that has been just there in one of the bins without a designation. It is hefty.

Both the front and lining are quilted now. And it has a machine sewn binding at the top to join the two pieces together. The challenge for today is figuring out how the lining will be attached to the base. I am thinking about that blanket strip, however, it doesn't make sense to me at this point just HOW. It will still be a soft-side bucket and will not stand up the way a plastic or wooden or even cardboard container would stand. And there is no way for me to know if the recipients at the baby shower on Sunday will find any value in it. Oh well. I am learning from the process. Not sure what yet, but something.

Its so easy for people to stop what they are doing when they face an obstacle or when things don't turn out as planned. Too easy to throw it out and feel like a failure. Its interesting that this project ends up where it is on Friday, because I am still (somewhat) committed to finishing something on Fridays.

However, first things first. My next door neighbor & I are headed into town to shop. Yup, I know, that will take all of an hour or maybe two if we meander. Being away from home and the workstations here do bring in a refreshing state of mind.