Monday, November 3, 2014

Wake Up To Safety

Had to happen. My clear acrylic ruler slipped while I was cutting fabric in the evening under less than optimum light. 

I sliced a very thin piece of skin from the tip of my left index finger. It bled like crazy and hurt for hours. This kind of cut is called a Laceration, which is cutting the skin. However, it is also an Avulsion because it cut part of the skin off.

Well, here it is still hurting, but not bleeding. This is the third bandaid. The first two were panic dressings to help stop the bleeding and were put on ineffectively for long term healing. Taking them off hurt, but had to be done. Big thing is not to let it get infected. Funny how the slightest bump feels like getting hit with a hammer. Well, good though, because there is still feeling. And I can move it so its classified a slight injury.

One project for this week is a
-patchwork-bucket. This is my 18" hoop used as a cutting template for the bottom. The bucket is part of a baby shower gift needed for Sunday. The gifts I got were a bunch of smaller things off their Department Store list. By the time I got to the list, that's what was left. Small things. So this bucket will be nice to include rather than a big box.

It calls for making a patchwork for the circumference, and rather than make something new, I reached for the leftover blocks from the Butterfly Wings quilt I just made. If it needs to be taller, there is some of the focus fabric left too. Fun thing is the couple knows its a girl and this will work to hold, dirty clothes, clean clothes whatever!

Safety. Nothing like an accident to wake myself up to it again. Those rotary cutters are viciously dangerous. However, I was working at night under dimmer than usual lighting while watching "The Originals". I was not paying attention and so there was a consequence to my choice.  I bent almost to my knees under the rush of blood and pain, stumbling with bandaid covering and trying to remember what to do for first aide. Its easier to do it for someone else than for yourself. And crying doesn't get the job done. I got under my Bee-quilt right away. Such a little thing, but one other safety step to take is to avoid going into shock. I was shivering in no time. I laid on the love seat, with my left arm elevated over my heart level, putting pressure on the small bandaged cut with my thumb. All the while, reminding myself how stupid some choices are. And being grateful it wasn't worse.