Friday, November 28, 2014

Out of Sight

As Winter moves into most of the country, the high temps where I live are in the 70's during the days. I cut a couple of roses to bring inside for my table that have that true old rose scent. Roses in November. mmmm.

Its hard to think of quilts when it is this warm. And, enough leaves cover the ground, so I need to fill the trash container for pick up later today. I admit the excitement for the 2015 to do list hasn't touched me yet. I moved the two project bins to fit behind my futon, which means they are out of sight and out of mind

I am determined to finish the gifts for the Grandkids and my Sons, get them all wrapped and out the door. I bought five rolls of wrapping paper, and some different additions to tuck in with the tied ribbon. Each gift will be wrapped and set within bubble wrap to keep it safe. Then the gifts for each family go into a larger box. I've created this sort of gathering place for the gifts, boxes and wrapping material just so I know where everything is and what it is.

Some of my family members will put their gifts under the tree and save opening until Winter Solstice, and others will be ripped open as soon as they are seen. Needless to say, this is why I hold off sending the packages until the middle of December.

My younger Son, Jerrod's quilt is next. His birthday is 2/2. This is the Kaleidoscope quilt I started at the last quilting retreat. It should never have been left this long between working and means laying it out and working with pattern instructions to see just where I am.

So the concept of out of sight, out of mind has a price to be paid when I do it. In truth, that price will be exacted for all the projects in those two bins. All of them in are in different stages of completion. If I was smart, I left them with instructions-to-self so I could just step right in.