Friday, August 10, 2018

For the Trip

I put together three Hallows pot holders with Insul-brite. They have binding machine sewn and ready to hand sew the finishes. I may not get to them while in Vegas, and on the other hand, am prepared if I do need something to keep busy.

The final pieced border to the Medallion quilt is coming along. There are four sets of 3 groupings of Flying Geese that are almost joined. Then there are corner stone blocks to make and the whole thing sewn onto the center piece. 

Its been an adventure to keep going on any quilt projects. The grief I feel in getting to acceptance for my aging brings on a lot of inertia, much like grief over the loss of a person would do. This is so different because the 'death' is for the person I used to be...the younger version of who I am.

I still find myself saying, 'what the heck' when I have what the elders used to call a "hitch in my giddy-up". I see others who say they are ok getting down on the ground, but its not as easy to get up. Well, this has spilled into my quilting. I don't want to get complicated patterns right now. I don't want to get down. Thing is, the fewer pieces of fabric there are, the more creative I have to become. 

There is a Holiday quilt along that members keep saying how easy and stress free it is. I printed off the first three blocks and pulled out the box of fabric scraps I have. Some people have such cute fabric. That gets intimidating. I love a challenge, and a mystery, so yes. Yes, I am in it.

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