Saturday, December 17, 2016

At Least the Desk

This antique desk is a challenge. The drawers cannot go shut or it locks and then a long stick goes in the front slot to push a metal mechanism open. So my habit is to leave them all a little open.

William Woodsworth was quoted to say: "All the mighty world of eye and ear, both know what they half create, and what they perceive." The desk is as clean as it needs to be. What is not seen is the box of boxes and packing material that is organized, wrapping paper put away, clothes hung up and fabric bins set back into the closet. Oh its not done by any means but a lot of progress made.

Woodsworth is spot on in my opinion. Our senses compare what they sense to what others say is right or wrong to sense and then we judge. In my case, I judge what is left to do more than the energy that is changing in the room. By clearing off the spaces, they are ready to be cleaned. It is not enough to merely clean off the desk or the work station or the floor. I will need to clean and perhaps apply an oil or polish to this old desk and to the work tables and to the floor. I've got a wintergreen candle burning, which touches my soul this time of year. 

Veggies have been harvested from the garden and will go into a soup for Sunday meals. This is what December is like after all the rush is over. Relaxing, readying.