Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Cloud Fabric

I broke down and bought a yard of fabric. I need sky fabric for two quilts I am working on, both of them those BOM quilts. I thought about getting a clearer sky for the Seasons, but this month takes us to the Ocean and usually I get there in the morning when the sky is not yet clear.

My time is not going to be spent quilting for awhile. I just got a new book by Starhawk, CITY OF REFUGE, and plan to read. The audiobook is yet to be released.

Tonight, I am going to a Drum Ritual in a near-by town and already made a salad to spread on crackers as my shared-dish.

I did join a new mystery quilt(yet again) and will sort through my stash to fine 15 assorted lights, and 12 assorted mediums and darks. I will enjoy using up pieces and shopping from my closet. But first the book.