Thursday, December 8, 2016

December Row of the Month

This month, the Seasons ROM facilitator wanted us to add the 2.5" squares 2-wide to the sides. I am doing 3-wide rather than 2-wide and love how it looks. It is actually a 6" border, which I like better than a 4" (2 wide).

This project finishes up using the sewing machine for the year, so I am unplugging it and putting a cover over it for awhile. Admittedly, when I first started working with these shapes, I wasn't thrilled with it, and now as it evolves, I am falling in love with it. It will be one of a kind as I do not expect to do another one on my own. As of this moment, it doesn't have a designated recipient, which I like to have so I can put specific energy into it. Right now, it is joy and that is probably enough.

I am not sure how the transfers I made will do for the last of the bird quilts, so I made two and have them ironed on and ready for embroidery. I found the specific colors for both blocks and have them ready to embroider later. Once I start on them, I would like to do all 15, so hope-hope-hope this iron-on product works.