Monday, December 12, 2016

Week About Dolce

Dolce is the word for sweets or treats. The 15th is the last PO day to ship to get things delivered by the holidays. I just want them out and still fresh by the time they get there. To that end, I started making things that need to mellow, like the honeyballs and the rum balls. So that part is done. I'm not making a lot for each household, just tastes of this and that. I have a few more items and then lastly, will make up the Pizelles.

Pizzelles are made two at a time on this iron that looks like a waffle iron only with the end cookie a lot flatter. The batter is made with anise flavoring and lemon, plus anise seeds, so not everyone likes them, but for those that do, these are a taste of heaven.

Mother used to mix up several batters for a variety of tastes. One was plain vanilla. And yet, next to the anise one, seemed almost tastefree. Another was lemon. While all of them are good, I still like and only make the anise version. One moves quickly with this cookie as they take 30 seconds or less for each pair. Its another one of those time intensive projects that you cannot walk away from with any success.

I am always surprised that they get to their destinations relatively unbroken, though if some do break, they are still good, down to the last crumbs.

My dolce are all non-bake this year. A little later, I have a birthday gift of a special biscotti I am making. My friend will receive the entire batch unless some break and I HAVE to eat them. Biscotti are twice baked and for some reason always seem to turn out in this higher altitude where others do not.

My Sons are always eager to get this particular package, and now both of their elder children are on their own, so that increased the number of houses I send to each year. I feel on track with the prep work and can see myself in line by the 14th. A day early.