Saturday, December 31, 2016

House Block #15

Its getting down to the end of the block assembly, though there are 4 bird appliqués that need to be added, as well as the sashing that forms grass between the rows and borders before the top is considered done and ready for basting. 

I am experiencing all sorts of feelings as the year ends. I am not really one to make New Year's resolutions but do set goals as I have here on the blog. I think with all the celebrity deaths being shouted out with the accompanying 'oh no!' that is it easy to sink into wondering who is next. Is someone in the family next? Friends? Me? Its probably common which is why people feel the need to do resolutions.

This block is pieced, not pressed and not trimmed. An individual block makes me almost groan, yet I know that the whole quilt will be sweet.

The last one is rather geometric with herringbone fabric and stripes. I shake my head at all of these and remember that this is a mystery quilt, so you 'git whatcha git and you don't throw a fit!'

Meanwhile I am listening to an audiobook of an old book and trying to be open to learn.