Sunday, December 25, 2016

To Get Through the Day

I finished one of the unfinished baby grrrlie-grrrl crib quilts today, and have it packaged to ship out in tomorrow's mail. No. No photo. Maybe somewhere, but that part is beginning to be more of a standard practice to my quilting than an occasional glitch.

Today was simply not a feel-good day. One of my Paternal Aunties (by marriage) passed on my Cousin's Christmas birthday. Yes, her Daughter. So my mild whatever-it-is hardly compares to that grief which will always come on her Christmas Birthday. I really love all my Aunties, so watching them decline hasn't been easy. I guess it points to my own mortality and that is something most people want to avoid thinking about.

We know it is a part of life.

Anyway, I just wanted to keep busy. Yesterday's storm took out all my outdoor lights and threw the pre-lit tree behind the shed. It was just under freezing with a few inches of snow so I stayed inside. I cleaned the studio (yet again...does cleaning ever get done???) and sorted my current projects. I didn't get to labeling them all because I struggled with an upset tum. 

My current goal for January 2017 is to finish the top to the House Block BOM that will go to the youngest of my Great-Nieces, and piece the Summer Row for the Seasons quilt. The House Block BOM actually needs some appliqu├ęs on it, so it is far from finished. I changed my mind about project #2 for February, and more of that as time gets closer. 

For tonight, I am drinking tea and relaxing.