Wednesday, December 7, 2016

UFO #1 is Finished!

I always feel better when I finish a project, and this one was a UFO for so long. I had it on a standing oval loom that was set behind the South door, so it wasn't in the way. It had been for my Mother who went through changes in her health and changes in her residency. It just wasn't finished on time to give her and I guess that by not doing that a part of me was not accepting that she no longer had a home but was confined to smaller and smaller rooms. And that really was less an issue than how her cognitive abilities had waned.

It is hand quilted and of course the binding is finished by hand. I packed up the standing loom and took it to a thrift store in town. I figured that people shopping there either would buy it as a gift or be able to buy it inexpensively for themselves.  I have other looms in the event that another project shows up that I want to hand quilt.

I think this year will be good for me as I finish more of the projects if this one is any measure. I could see the best in myself come out, and I could also see how finishing it was healing. I wondered where it would go where someone receiving it would like it. Unless a person does fabric arts, they cannot value or appreciate the work in it.  

At first I thought to offer it on Facebook, but then joined a swap that celebrates Spring. The gold fabric here is a hand dyed batik as a daffodil print, and the center squares are also daffodils. So it will go as part of that swap. The backside of the runner is the gold print so it could be reversed. 

I am ahead of my own timing. This was #1 on the list and was to be completed by the end of January. #2 is a bird quilt, start to finish. The first thing I need to do is print off patterns on that iron-on paper and iron each one onto a cotton square. I'll do one page at a time and hopefully can make the transfers for a number of blocks. Then the embroidery work starts. Each of the bird quilts has 15 blocks. This is the last of them to be created. And now, I will have 12 weeks to work on it before I set it aside and go onto project #3. Pictures to follow.