Friday, December 16, 2016

Studio is Trashed

After waiting in line at the PO yesterday, I knew my next project had to be cleaning up of my studio. It had become a war zone. I was dumping everything in here as it to hide it like a little kid does when she thinks no one is looking.

The desk, my work station and the entire room is just chaotic. The first thing I did was to clean the adjoining bathroom. Next, I have to work my way from the North side of the room to the South closets. There is no way I want to work on a quilting project until things are clean.

There is a lot of posting about the 12 Days of Christmas swap. It is fun to see what everyone gets. So far, my partner has been giving me a variety of fabrics; 6 pieces were Fat Quarters, 10 were five different cat fabrics in 10" squares, and a few strips came with a pattern to make a folded star. I am very pleased.

And now to clean.