Friday, December 2, 2016

More of the House Blocks

I spent the night making sure I had the scraps for each block, cutting and pinning where and when I could.

These aren't getting joined until the colors are right or with a flow, and each row can have houses that shift but need to stay on the same row for sizing. I've given up the thought of making it patriotic and am using what colors are here. These two, for instance are switched and a bigger block goes in between them, with a smaller one at the end. The darker brown pinwheel is modified too because the way the pattern had it was just too chaotic. This works with just four blades on it. As soon as the remaining blocks are finished, the row of 4 blocks can be joined. Not sure if it will have a border defining them as of yet. Also, rather than to do pieced appliqu├ęd birds, I found a length of fabric with different Cardinal images that will work. It is my all-time favorite bird and they are the same size as the pattern. Wooot!

I'd like to say I am feeling stress free, but the car battery died when I was out running errands and the mechanic is looking for a replacement. Temps have plummeted and its windy and cold outside and chilly indoors.