Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Containers are Filled

The challenge is going to be finding containers for the Pizzelles. Perhaps I didn't think ahead with this. I forget that the Pizzelles are as big & fragile as they are. Every year I go through this. I have some smaller cardboard boxes that may serve. I got all the other dolce packed in containers, and do have flat rate boxes ready to pack. Once I get them packed for shipping, then the boxes I saved get recycled. This is my last push for the season. 

As the holidays get closer, there are more 'quick' quilting project ideas out. I always think they are good to start on for next year, but never get to them even though I want to do this and could do it. I think that one year, I will devote myself to making all sorts of little things that I have found patterns for and have in books. 

Well, it will be enough to finish the UFO's this year. And while I do not have red hair, this patch serves me well. It is huge to finish projects before starting new ones. I haven't figured out how to actually do that but the theory is good.

I have been working on the first of 15 embroidered blocks for the last of the bird quilts and find myself swearing under my breath and to myself about it. I hope the mistakes have been made only with this one, and that the remaining blocks will go faster and without so many hitches. One hopes.