Tuesday, December 20, 2016

ooops forgot the picture, yet again

Well, the last of the FB14 quilts is getting shipped out. It is in a box, wrapped, taped and labeled. Of course I didn't take a photo and looking back, I didn't take a photo. So none. I'll email her once she gets it and ask for one so I can post it.

In one way, its fun to look back and see what I have done and in another way, I am not looking for credit. This one was a Hallows theme and was a panel, plus lots of coordinating fabric in it. Gosh I should take it apart. No. My first plan to have her take a pic of it is best. I will need to wait.

What I started working on was the catch-up to the House Block quilt-along. I found a much better pattern for the tent block I want to use to make up for the sailboat pattern I really didn't think fit. Then, the last block pattern was released, so I am auditioning colors from my stash for it. When these two blocks are finished, the quilt top goes onto the UFO list.

Then, another Row of the Month pattern was released for the Seasons quilt. It is designed by a woman in Australia and they are experiencing Summer. So the pattern calls for a blue sky with beach balls, ice cream cones and treats on a stick. I need to shop for the right summer sky blue for the background before going much further. 

So no pictures. 

Well, here is a SnowBird, which is a Bohemian Waxwing that is around here right now. I am hosting a new swap for participants to research the bird and send what they learn to their partner. The swap asks for their habitat, coloring, strengths so that it becomes a Winter Spirit Guide. No one has joined yet. I think my swaps are too evolved for the ordinary person.