Friday, December 23, 2016

Why I Go For Mystery Quilts

It has been said that the two deep needs every human has are for acceptance and love (to be loved & to love). 

Sometimes I wonder if that is why I quilt. I need to know that the people I love find meaning in what I do.  Sometimes I really yearn for connectedness, and I have found a way to make that happen that suits my abilities and interests. It brings me joy to create a quilt, especially by using the scraps, leftovers and throw-aways from others.

I joined another mystery quilt for a group I found on Facebook. The group is actually at step 5, so I have been busting it to catch up. The first part was selecting FQ fabrics. After going through my stash, there is a whole bin of holiday pieces, plus a mini drawer container of cut pieces. Step 1 was to make 4-patches out of 2.5" squares. I had a lot of them pre-cut, so this step was easy and fast. Obviously mine is a scrap quilt so matching fabrics is not that big of a deal.

Step 2 was to make these HST (half square triangles) combining lights with medium/dark pieces. It was easier than I've done before and they all turned out! Step 3 is a bit more complex. It is the Flying Geese pattern. I cut and pinned the pieces and have them at the machine. They take longer to do. I remember that this is a monthly mystery quilt, and I just did 3 months of work in a day!

I like to make quilts with specific people in mind so I can put energy in it for them. I am working on 2 other quilts that were mysteries. The House Block quilt goes to my Great-Niece Sophia, so that one has been easy (until I substituted a pattern for one block) and the top is almost finished. The last block just got revealed for the last row, and so I hope to have IT finished this month. The Seasons Row of the Month for December was also just revealed. I bought blue fabric with clouds on it for the foundation and can get started on it this weekend.

All three quilts helped me with my goal to shop from the closet. Yet, with January, I must keep working on the UFO's. If they help me stay connected, then part of my process is to figure out who they will go to. I have an idea for both and yet want to see how they unfold just a little bit. I have hated the mystery quilts and yet have loved them at their finishes.