Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Prayer Flag for Aquarius New Moon

I got outside this morning to bury compost, jiggle the lights and replace the downed tree. Ornaments had fallen too. Its all working tonight. Then I got under a couple of quilts and read.

My only accomplishment was making the Aquarius New Moon Prayer Flag. It took me awhile to write up my choices for it, find the fabric and stitch the one line that makes up the sleeve. Not a big project but one that is done. 

I also worked on piecing parts to various other quilts that are going. I am not sure why it matters to me when I finish something because I know that this is all a journey, a process. That is where, they say, is the true joy.

Who are they to tell me that?

I am caught up in this book. Starhawk wrote the first of this trilogy many years ago. Most of the time authors continue their storyline where it left off like walking into the next room. She let the years lapse on the characters as if they were in real time.

I knew her when we both lived in MN, and what is amazing about this story is that it actually is written by a person who has also aged and knows what it means to be older. I've always said that people write about aging who are still young and haven't got a clue as to the reality. Well, the fact is, this is real, and part of me is rebelling against its truth.