Thursday, December 29, 2016

House Block of the Month Row 3

It is quite easy to let 'resolutions' slip away even when they are not for the New Year. I rarely make such things and do what I can while I can. However, I am committed to shopping from my closets, using what I have before buying more out in the stores. Its a song I have been singing on this blog for some time. I pulled out the bins, yet again, printed off my blog side-bar list of UFO's and set the first group in one bin with project #s on them.

Additionally, I made up a 3-ring binder with a template for swap exchanges I do on Swap-bot. I've opted out of most groups and swaps and plan to focus on ones I host first. Two other groups I stayed in have multi-partners and usually only do electronic or flat mail swaps, so there is little crafting in them. The 3-ring binder is one of my 'resolutions' to help me stay focused. The template I created lets me write information regarding what I sent in the swap and to whom. It also lets me know what I received. I usually only go to the PO once a week, so I left a space to record how much I spent. I actually don't know.

Getting organized isn't new to me. Its not about having order as much as it is being able to find something or being reminded about something. Perhaps people get organized for different reasons. I know when I was younger, much younger, organization was because Mother said so. She didn't teach me why or really how. That came much later in life.

I've continued to work on the House Block BOM quilt and have the third row pieced. I have 2 of the house blocks pieced on the last row and am working on the last 2 house blocks. Then I have to go back and add the bird appliqu├ęs. It is my plan to use scraps from a Cardinal print. Its going to be a lovely quilt. I have a lot more to do on it. These last two blocks are going together easily. Some of the other quilters went to the store and purchased those 10" layer cakes so that their fabrics coordinate. Mine is scrappy and has a slightly wild look about it. I did put thought into my selections so that each block was coordinated. Like any neighborhood, house colors and styles are up to the individual.

Each year, I set some quilting goals. And for 2017, it is to work on the UFO's. It would be nice to finish them one after another, but I will be content if they just get to the next stage. I will, however, continue to shop first from my own closets.