Sunday, January 1, 2017

Block 16 and then some

I finished piecing #16 for the House Block Mystery, and as I put away leftover fabric scraps, I looked more seriously at what else I was doing. Those UFO projects are looming ahead.

This house is a cowboy barn or might even be a cowboy bar. I need to go back, trim everything, add four appliqu├ęd birds, sashing and borders, and maybe some other do-dads before the top is done and ready to baste. It was getting challenging to put these last few together without repeating fabrics, but it is done now and will make a cute quilt. I didn't get a smoke stack on this one, so it also may need re-doing. Funny how different it looks in a pic.

I switched out projects on my UFO list. I worked on pulling threads from the machine quilting on that one bird quilt and decided that it was too much work. I am not going to embroider more birds, and will finish the blue quilt and give it to one of my Grands rather than the Great-Niece. In the end, I will start a new quilt for her with one of the kit-projects not even started yet. 

Also, today I started working on a tote from a panel I got from somewhere. Its a holiday one, so It will get quilted, made and saved for another time. They are so easy and at least here in Cali, you have to bring your own bags into the stores.