Thursday, January 19, 2017

Back for More

Telling the difference between yesterday, today and tomorrow might be easy for most folks. It is not for me, nor has it ever been. I think that is why I use calendars. Its not that I don't know the difference between the past and the future, I just don't concern myself with it. I like to live in the moment.

When I got back to quilting, first I spent time working on the Halloween Twisted 4-Patch. Technically, it is still a UFO. However, the top and back are ready whenever I purchase batting. Its pretty wild. The challenge I was faced with was that there wasn't enough of the green with haunted houses. I found another fabric, thinking it would work for the top and bottom borders, and THEN, it was also short on the sides. I almost put it away again, and then just did it. How easy it is to get frustrated!

I plan to push the UFO's on my list to that point of needing to purchase something for the finish. Many of my projects will need batting.

Then I worked on some of those BOM's. One is simply steps at this point and they are issued twice a month. That one is finished for January.

The quilt-along BOM I am making with Harvest fabrics. This block is called GRAMMA ANNA'S BASKET. I had a Gramma Anna and although a number of the participants went off-pattern, I decided to follow it the way it was written. I found the center hands for the basket, and although the remainder of the fabric has harvest colors, there might have been different choices. I went with this. And the basket represents how SHE was. Her hands were beautiful. They were always there for everyone. To help, to heal, to pray. She opened her heart to everyone she encountered.

UFO's are not easy to finish. They presented issues when they were first set aside, and the challenges don't just go away because they are out of sight. I didn't put notes on most of them. It is easy to take the easy way out.

I am keeping on.