Monday, January 23, 2017

Oh The Time it Takes!

I pulled out the Red/White/Blue quilt top thinking I would have something here for a back.

It went in the wash with 3 SHOUT Color Catchers that all turned purple. Its amazing that this product works so well. None of the whites on the quilt top showed any signs of bleeding. I decided to put it in with the other quilt tops and backs ready for batting and will order 108" muslin for the back. It can lay out with the top and batting and get cut to size at the time of basting.

Then I moved on. The next row on the Season's Quilt for February were 6" heart squares. My stash has few pastels so mine are darker and brighter. Hopefully they will be ok with the rest of the quilt choices. Here's to those mysteries. 'You git what you git and you don't throw a fit.' I was able to make the blocks, joined them, adding the side blocks and joining that row to the rest of the quilt. Whomever receives this quilt will enjoy it.