Friday, January 27, 2017

12 x 12 Containers

I participated in a number of block swaps early in my work. And of course, I was hell-bent on staying organized. Then, as time went on, I stopped swapping blocks and yet, had a gathering of them for projects. They went into those scrapbook containers for 12x12 papers. They are also UFO's. And the first one on my to-do list is the container of Wonky blocks. 

Wonky blocks are not easy to make. It means thinking contrary to traditional quilting and creating things that are off-center or differently colored. I left myself a note to add borders to the blue block and to make a tree block. I did that and now have (16) 12.5" blocks for the center top, and (52) 6" blocks for a border. Sixteen blocks with sashing and borders often make up a square quilt. Next is to lay out the blocks and see what is in my stash for a sashing that works with all of them. I would like to make what is called a cheater border between the two sets of blocks to break up the chaotic look.

This might be one of the UFO projects that goes to the next step without being actually finished. At least these two blocks bring it to more of a readiness for sashing. In the box with the blocks is an instruction sheet for framing the blocks. It says to buy 1.5 yards to do the binding as well and better in a fabric that reads solid. 

The next 12x12 contained more of the swapped blocks, plus some black work embroidery I had done. Fresh eyes on a project without notes to self meant a change in direction not even I knew I would take. This box holds 8 embroidered blocks and 17.75 finished pieced blocks. That 75. part is that there are three 6" blocks that can be pieced to make a full 12.5". Done and now there are 18 blocks of Orange, Black and White. With only that small addition, I was able to create a layout that will take the addition of some sashing or frames and part of a border.

Obviously, these two boxes of blocks need fabric purchases. Neither of them have planned backs and honestly because of all the piecing on the fronts of both, I am leaning toward buying 2 yards for each to make the frames/sashing, borders and binding. Again, they will need backs. Shopping FIRST from the closet doesn't mean no trips to the fabric store. Sigh. I want to take these projects to the point of being completed rather than to keep them as UFO's. My original thought had been to take them to the next steps but this morning, I want them completed and cleared out of my stash.