Saturday, January 14, 2017

Cutting Edges

With the new 10" Cat Quilt pattern, I wanted to see what other fabrics I had that might work, so started cutting scraps, one bag at a time. The scrap bin is getting down. I left larger pieces and cut smaller ones as well as edges that needed squaring. It surprises me that most of what was donated to me are darker prints.

Lot of standing. All morning long. But then its done. There are 42 10" squares cut for the Cat Quilt, and about half of the wastebasket is full of bitty pieces.

I've learned awhile back that pre-cutting fabrics always gives a quilter an edge when it comes time to using them. For instance, I was able to use up a lot of the 2.5" squares for the Seasons quilt border.

The other day I read that its not wise to use older fabrics on freshly made quilts, so my goal for using these ASAP is a good idea. I give them all a tug and in truth, some of the colors are not to my liking such as that peachy square at the bottom of the picture above.  

The next step to the Holiday Scrap quilt I am making in a quilt-along was to cut 62 6" light squares and make them into HST without trimming them. I did measure and trim when needed the other steps. Most of them were just squaring up. I have no idea how this quilt will turn out, which makes it a mystery, of course. Best of all us that they are used!

Meanwhile, I did cut more of the holiday scraps into my standard squares and strips.  Makes such a difference in the bins.