Sunday, January 29, 2017


As I watched some documentaries for my Jungian class, I was also able to make the two potholders for a swap. Such an easy project, probably because they were UFOs in a box ready to finish. I pieced the Insul-Bright scraps, layered fabric, the IB, then a scrap of batting, another IB and the final fabric.

It came together nicely and I had another scrap that was just the right length to make binding for both potholders. They are large enough to grip in the hand and fold over the hot edge of a pot or tray. And they can hold a pot on a table without damaging it.

The videos I watched were for an examination of the Magician Archetype in our culture. I had not heard of the Piano Guys & very much liked hearing their music and seeing the scenery in this one.

The next one was Keith Jarret, who is known as a very creative jazz pianist. So pianos seemed to be the sound of the day. He is talented.

Then I watched an interview with Victor Frankl, who wrote "Man's Search for Meaning" that I read in high school. I was fascinated with him then and now. After the interview, there was an animated book review, which, again was brilliant.

The final one I watched was Smothers Brothers Smothered Documentary   I lived during this time, remembered most of it (my second delivery was right at the time the show was canceled). These two men were examples of the Magician and the Fool Archetypes, both of whom are opposite and complementary. It was a MAJOR education. Tommy seemed to be this very innocent, silly fool in front of the camera. Yet, the enlightened Fool is the most dangerous of all the Archetypes, and he was that. I was spellbound and did get the quilting project done.