Friday, January 6, 2017

January UFO's & BOM

I believe that we are all a one and only in endless ways. Even though I have joined more Block of the Month groups, what I am doing is using scraps from my stash, and so the quilts that come of these scraps are all going to be unique from those made by others in the groups. There are a few, like me, who are doing scrap busting quilt making, and their scraps are different, so even using the same patterns, we see differently and piece colors differently.

While the Neighborhood House blocks are pieced, I need to make sure they are all the same length and height and wait for the green fabric to be free so I can make the sashing. (It is such a big length of fabric that I used it as a 'ground' for part of my Winter Village. It seems appropriate that I use it for the House block sashing. Who am I kidding? I love these house blocks and hope to do more of them! I have a collection of patterns & just need inspiration. 

The other BOM is a Solstice to Solstice challenge. I am using up Harvest fabrics and making this one scrappy too. The bin I took this bag of Harvest fabrics from is designated for any holiday. I separated what was there into Winter, Halloween, Harvest and a small bag of 4th of July. I honestly had no thought about how to use this fabric and occasionally pulled out things for smaller projects like mug rugs. This was truly a goddess-send. With the 25 or 26 block patterns coming from this one, I know that its going to make up a lovely quilt.

Then the last thing I made was a table top for an exchange in Swapbot. There were specific colors for specific parts of this so I did follow along. Today, what I want to do is add the first border to match the specifics. It was 'sender's choice' so it is my hope that whomever receives it will be pleased with the outcome. Again, I am pulling from scraps to create my current projects.

I re-did the pink and gray block after seeing the pic here. I'll photograph it again when the next pattern is made on the project. For whatever reason, the camera shows something different than the human eye can see. For instance, in that one above, clearly the light side towards the top right, doesn't pop in the same way the others do. So after seeing this pic, I will try and select fabrics for the borders to help even it out.