Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Here We Go!

I guess that if I am really going to shop from my closet that I have to use the fabric and make something. No one sees my stash and there is no comparing what I have in the closet to someone else. I don't know what my family and friends have in their closets.  Perhaps this is why we have closets. We stash things in them and it seems rude for us to see what is stashed there.

 This is the first RISING STAR Mystery block. I am using the pinks & grays, plus any pre-cut blocks that will coordinate. All quilts I create new this year will be scrappy. I wish I knew the entire plan. As I look at this pic, it strikes me that using white for all the stars and scrapping out the blocks is the way I want to go. I want to use that Paris Pink as a focus. But who knows? Its a Mystery!!!

As a plan to shop from my closets and use my stash, I joined yet another Mystery BOM & pulled out Harvest/ Fall fabrics. It will be larger. There are twenty-six 12" blocks to this one. And I have 3 block patterns already. This is the first one. There were a lot of darker fabrics in this bag with some mediums. I bought 1.5 yards of the white with green lettering and will try to use this as much as possible. With 26 blocks, this looks like more than I have ever done before. I don't like how two of the corner blocks turned out and may re-do them. I am thinking that I could actually make two quilts that have 12 blocks each in them with sashing and borders. Or one with 12 blocks on each side. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.    

In any case, I am seeing the volume of fabric going down all the time. The only way I can keep track of the BOMs is by logging them in on the blog sidebar. As I finish a block, the next number or month comes up. It is a plan working for me.