Saturday, January 28, 2017

Combining UFO's

After realizing that I could combine two UFO projects, I finished one of the Mystery Quilts I saved out thinking it would make a nice back. What I do know is that it is hard to do my own UFO even with leftovers from others. Leftovers, that now I get are someone else's UFOs. 

I find myself almost grumbling. This one was a challenge because it didn't follow the pattern included with it. I left it with blocks joined to strips. I needed to join strips to make the larger blocks that look like a 9-patch. Thing is, those black blocks got shifted somewhere and needed to go in one direction. I didn't take pleasure in this. I grumbled. I also realized that there were 3 blocks in one shade or another of purples, so laid them out to go diagonally. Yet. Done. I think it got set aside because I couldn't figure out the pattern and was too frustrated to continue. I am happy with it and think that in order to make it fit as a back to another UFO, I will buy black to add as a border, extending it to size.

Another thing I am learning is that if a project stays in UFO status for too long, matching fabrics get used elsewhere and are unavailable for the finish.

I want to take projects to the point of finishing it as a top or back from now on.This UFO business makes it harder. I know that it is almost a way of life for quilters. I know I have made a lot of progress this month at clearing them out.