Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Some Crafty Swaps

I agreed to help administer two of the groups in Swap-Bot, and that means hosting swaps. Thing is, I am not in the stage of my life that I want more, so when I create a swap, I try to think of what I actually want.
One thing that is easy to make and that I want for myself is a tarot bag. I didn't want to make one that took me too much time. I still have a couple that one of my dear friends made years ago. There are many loose decks on my shelves, that seemed to be a great idea and I may end up making two of this pattern so I can keep one.

The bag is meant to hold a deck, fold over and be tied. It works for me as it is; so I will use the idea and make a second one for the exchange. I think that a lot of people in our culture are so used to commercial or store-bought items that they look for perfection from those who hand make them. I not one of those kind of people. I want to feel the fabric, sense the energy and enjoy its simplicity.

Another swap I created is called Trickster, Jester, Fool and invites participants to make any art form honoring the Archetype. I made a mug rug.  Its cute enough and measures 11x7, which is on the larger side, but still within the standard size for them.
I want to cut my pattern down a little and make another one. Yes, it is one of the Archetypes from the Jungian Psych course.

This course focuses on shadow Archetypes & the collective unconscious, which inspired me to create a swap called Insect Spirit Guides. It uses a generator to get the Spirit Guide for your partner, allowing those who sign up to start right away. The one that came up for me to give my partner was the Moth. I looked for quilt patterns, and found Robert Kaufman's Ghost Moth. Mine is going to be scrappy on white muslin (I think) rather than one coordinated colorway as seen in the pattern. I sorted colors & cut out 36 Moths first. The 10" squares scraps overflowed their container and were ready for a new project. Hopefully there will be enough of the white muslin, or if it needs more than what is here, perhaps a light sky blue.  A diagonal grid will work as machine quilting.