Thursday, January 12, 2017

Harvest Mystery Quilt

Life is made up of interesting cycles and we see them played out in our families as well as in our communities. We all go along doing what we do and living full out until our lives want us to pay up for the choices we make, or let us know that time is running out for this incarnation and its getting closer to the end. Same is true for quilting fabrics.

One of the mystery scrap projects I am doing this year is using a bag of fall/harvest colors. The fourth block I made for it is the top left with yellow in it. The project is supposed to make 25-26 blocks so from them, I might choose 12 blocks, add sashing and borders and have a nice lap sized quilt. With the most recent block, I used up all the yellow and all that print next to it, leaving larger pieces for 'something else'. The same is true for the darker print below. It is gone too. And after making four blocks, I decided to re-do the top right block to let it coordinate with the others a bit better, and save out the word-print fabric for either the sashing or focus. The finished block will get used elsewhere.

Sometimes, all I got were small pieces of fabric leftover from another quilter's projects. I never saw what their original projects were. My sorting puts smaller pieces into either holiday themes, colors or cuts. When I pull pieces for my quilts, they are indeed random or scrappy. Perhaps what I need to do is use up the smaller pieces first and then see if I need to re-do that 'wordy' block. (done)


Other photos I see from quilters who bought their coordinating fabric for the same patterns sometimes make me feel like mine will be too busy or not be as lovely. 

All that could be true or just is a matter of choice. Then it becomes the journey or the process that brings life to the planet.