Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How The Mind Works

Although I am set to work on my UFO's this year, there is this nagging thought spinning around in my head that suggests I start something new in order to use up the fabrics in my closet. One of the members in an online quilting group said she was a scrap quilter and planned to join as many quilt-alongs as she could to use up her scraps. 

Suddenly, I started scrambling to find more of mystery quilts or quilt-alongs too. Anyone can see there is enough work to do in my studio with the UFO's on my list, plus the new quilt-along BOMs I have going: 1. Finish the NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSE BLOCKS - add sashing & borders; 2. SEASONS - we have Fall to go plus perhaps two more rows and borders; 3. PEACE, LOVE, QUILT in pinks and grays is only half done. I keep adding projects as I find them and so why, why, why do I want to add more?

I wish there was a pill I could take that would ease me into being comfortable in my comfort zone. Logic and reason seem to have nothing to do with my desire to make more quilts. I suppose I could find someone to finish them off for me because the final quilting is my least favorite part.