Friday, January 13, 2017

A Tote & A New Quilt Pattern

I cut the shipping bag apart to take the pic.
This is a tote bag I made for a SwapBot tag. The way tags work is that one person comments in the forum by listing 4 things they offer to send. The next person to sign the list claims just one of the items above, and offers their 4 own items for the next person. I asked for Ephemera, and offered a handmade tote bag among my items. Of course, I made it from scraps. Scraps of fabric. Scraps of batting. Scraps of strap. I am most pleased with it and especially because its scrappy. I know that the strapping could have been a pink or green, but navy was here, so navy it was. It is a spacious bag and sturdy.

And yes, it had to happen. One of the women in an online group posted a pic of a quilt she made by following a Missouri Quilt tutorial on You Tube. It makes use of those 10" squares. The original tutorial adds a solid color for the background, however, that would complement the Layer Cake package used & I am going for scrappy. Layer Cake packages have 42 coordinated 10" squares of a color line. I have more than that many in my stash. I am going to stay with white as a background because many of my squares are dark or medium dark. I came up with 32 of them and then went into the other bin and will pull out brighter mediums for the remaining 10. Key will be to play with them and ensure they coordinate. It could be chaotic, which is fine having seen the play CATS. I have a lot of white tonal scraps that will most likely work as well. AND I know there are a lot of scraps to be had for the white without cutting into the larger pieces.