Monday, January 30, 2017

Waiting for Mr. Postman

It is with great pleasure that I purchased items to keep my UFO projects going. I realize that stopping a UFO project because I ran out of materials to finish it is risky. There are three quilt tops/backs ready for batting, and two other projects that need fabric. Because I live an hour away from the big city shopping, when I go to Palmdale, I make a list and spend the day. Well. I soon realized that it was cheaper for me to order online and get only what I needed. Impulse shopping in the store always happens and I can double the amount of money that I spend.

I've reached a point in the work I've taken on for this year to finish my UFOs that puts me up against some of the biggest obstacles I set for projects. The next one is making aprons for two of my Granddaughters. I am a quilter and this is a sewing project. The next one after that is embroidery, and my small motor skills are waning all the time. I used to embroider later in the evenings as a way to relax. However, all the shaking in my hand makes it harder to thread a needle AND to sew even stitches. Both of these projects need me to work on them earlier in the day when I still feel refreshed.

Essential Tremors is a condition any one can get at any age. It is progressive and because there is little research about it, there is no treatment. Mine is relatively minor at this stage, but clearly is interfering with hand quilting or hand sewing.

Also, on my creative to-do list are a few items for SwapBot exchanges. They are new projects that I can do while I wait for the postal delivery.